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Safe on the way with the friend of the family

For most people, the beloved pet is a real family member – this is especially true for the four-legged friends and should therefore not be missed on vacation. A caravan or motorhome is therefore the perfect holiday domicile for the entire family. Dethleffs is the only manufacturer to present an additional package for your four-legged holiday companion, already factory installed.

This Dog-on-Board package was developed by our development department in collaboration with real professionals and Dethleffs employees, who are themselves owners of caravans or motorhomes and always have their four-legged friend traveling with them. The result is a package that is not only safe and practical, but will also excite your darling!

The package includes

Away from the feet

Clever: The practical food bowl holder including two feeding dishes and a suspension device can be hung in drawers or chests, depending on the size of your pet. “Stepping into the bowl” is now in the past. For those four-legged friends who like to eat in the open air, the bowl can simply be removed and put onto the ground.

Cuddly sleeping place

A comfortable cushion (two different sizes) made of mattress foam with robust and non-slip microfiber cover, which is adapted to the corresponding vehicle model, is sure to become your four-legged friend’s favorite place. The removable cover is easy and practical to wash.

Safely underway

For Dethleffs, the issue of safety has top priority and of course this applies to all family members – including your faithful four-legged friends. The firmly anchored safety point* in the vehicle floor offers the possibility to secure the dog or cat by means of leash or harness suitable for animals in road traffic while driving.

* max. weight 40 kg

Perfectly leashed

On campsites dogs must always be on the leash. But where to attach the leash if there is no tree nearby or the ground is too soft or too hard for a ground anchor? The Dog-on-Board package provides the perfect solution. The practical leash point is firmly screwed to the vehicle, next to the door and thus always at hand!

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