Dethleffs CN

Safety all-round

For over 23 years the Dethleffs. Your safety is of utmost importance to us and that is why we use reliable, branded vehicle components, trusted for many years. All of our caravans are designed for a speed of 100 km/h. With a Dethleffs motorhome you are always safe and protected allround! The optional Dethleffs safety packages go even further.

Safety for Caravans

Anti-snaking system  – Similar to ESP, the anti-snaking system actively counteracts in critical driving situations an moves your caravan back to a save driving condition in a split of a second.

Safety gas pressure regulation system with integrated crash sensor  – ensuring safe heating whilst on the move.


The premium brake which adjusts itself – Thanks to the AAA Premium brake the braking distance gets shorter


Smoke detector – Smoke alarms save lives.


Shock absorber – improve the trailer’s drive characteristics and provide optimum damping

Top brand chassis – made in germany

Stabiliser coupling –  suppresses snaking and pitching movements 

Safety for Motorhomes

ESP (electronic stabilizing system) – controls the driving direction of the vehicle and the movements of the wheels. If required, especially in dangerous situations it will be activated, brakes the single wheels or slows down the speed of the vehicle by performance reduction. Consequently, it safely keeps the vehicle on track.

Other important driving assistance system: 

  • ASR (anti slip Regulation) – prevents the wheels from spinning when starting on a slope
  • Hill Holder – assists the driver when starting on a slope
  • HBA (hydraulic brake assistance) – emergency brake assistance. The system recognizes an emergency stop and reinforces the pressure on the pedal, if necessary
  • Roll-over mitigation – reduces snaking movements and improves the stability in curves 
  • Hill Descent Control – helps to maintain a desired speed on steep descents (up to max. 30 km/h), without constantly having to brake. The driver can focus completely on steering (activated with a button on the dashboard). 

3-point safety belt – All registered seats to driving direction are equipped with a 3-point safety belt and steady headrests same as in car industry

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